The company provides the following types of services:

Provides consulting on accounting, tax and financial reporting issues;

Performs the setting, maintenance and restoration of accounting records;

Provides consulting on accounting and reporting issues in Turkmenistan, including explanations on:

  • issues related to the application of the unified methodological bases of accounting and reporting;
  • issues of formation of the accounting system (accounting policy) based on the specifics of the activity, structure and other features;
  • issues of implementation and adaptation of standard forms of accounting;
  • development of a working plan of accounting accounts;
  • development of forms of primary accounting documents for which their standard forms are not provided;
  • establishing the rules of document flow;
  • development of a system of economic analysis, on-farm accounting and control;
  • computerization of accounting.

Provides advice on taxation issues in Turkmenistan, including:

  • determination of a person as a tax agent in respect of certain types of taxes;
  • rendering assistance in the organization of accounting of objects of taxation (tax accounting) in relation to each type of taxes;
  • assistance in the preparation of tax returns and other tax reports, determining the timing and procedure for their submission, as well as making changes to them, if necessary;
  • clarifications on the procedure for preparing and maintaining any applicable types of tax and accounting statements;
  • assistance in determining the tax base and applicable tax benefits for each type of tax;
  • clarification on the application of international treaties on the elimination of double taxation;
  • explanation of the procedure and terms of payment of taxes;
  • explanation of the procedures for the refund of excessively paid tax amounts, tax offset;
  • explanation of the procedure for granting deferred and installment payment of tax;
  • assistance in obtaining a pledge or guarantee in case of non-payment of tax;
  • assistance in appealing decisions of the tax service, as well as actions of officials and employees of the tax service.

Conducts an expert examination of draft contracts on the subject of:

  • occurrence of tax risks
  • the need to license the activities of the
  • calculation of the project economy

Provides consulting services on the organization of activities in Turkmenistan, including the provision of the services of an authorized representative for the registration of foreign and Turkmen companies in the Department of State Registration and Investment Projects of the Ministry of Economy and Development of Turkmenistan.

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