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Multiprofile company AK USSA has been operating in Turkmenistan since 2006 and thanks to a new business model that unites a team in various fields, Ak Ussa has established itself as an active player focused on results and achieving the customer's business goals. A transparent pricing model, a highly qualified team allows Ak Ussa to conquer new horizons and look firmly into the future.

We do it for you:

1. Our knowledge is your success and avoiding risks

  • We provide explanations and recommendations on the specifics of the tax and accounting legislation of Turkmenistan.
  • From a general overview of the tax system to a detailed consideration of complex situations on tax issues.
  • Everything about the reflection of complex operations in accounting, taking into account the specifics of any type of activity.
  • We give recommendations on how to eliminate the risk associated with differences between the rules of tax and accounting.
  • Our goal is to give you such recommendations on adjusting accounting, preparing documentation and calculating taxes that will minimize the risks of possible errors.
  • It is correct to apply international Agreements on tax issues and the necessary procedures for this. This will eliminate double taxation and reduce tax costs.

2. Warned means

  • determine the risk of detecting errors in the calculation of taxes. It is better to fix the error and pay earlier than to pay later, but more.
  • We will identify and assess the risks of non-standard situations.
  • We will help you to correct errors and clarify accounting and tax reporting.

3. Only accurate information

  • All our conclusions and recommendations are based not only on the norms of the Law, but also on the explanations that are available from state bodies.
  • The practice of applying the legislation is also not ignored.
  • Consultations are given only after a detailed study of the problem and documents.

4. Pleasant little things

  • We give all our conclusions at the request of the client in English.
  • It is easy to find us at any time convenient for the client. We are in touch and come to the client's office.
  • The time for giving an opinion, even on complex issues — is no more than 4 days.
  • We have business partnerships with the best law firms in Turkmenistan, whose advice we turn to and advise our clients.
  • We accept requests by email and are already working with them.
  • It is difficult for you to formulate a task or a question — we are coming to you and helping you with this.

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